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How to find the right psychologist With some turn of events and at some point in our lives, every one of us feels overwhelmed and need extra support to deal with our problems. For most it is our family or loved one who stands by our sides but for the rest of us the problem gets so elevated that the help of a therapist becomes essential. The therapist or the psychologist in most cases is the one who could deep into the root of our problems and suggest methods so bring our lives back on normal track. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, USA, over 30 million Americans have problems beyond ?their controls. Mostly it revolves around depression from marriages, broken relationships, losing of a loved one, joblessness, addiction and divorces. As a result the sufferer encounters a lot of stress and makes the lives significantly debilitating. The right psychologist will help patients live a healthier and much more productive live. The relationship between a psychologist and a patient is more like a friendly understanding that normal illness cases. It is important to understand that the therapist will be dealing with mental trauma rather than physical. Choosing to work with particular psychologists necessitates that their credentials are competent enough. The therapist in this case should be a person who you think would be able to understand your problem. A young professional would obviously be more suited to deal with teenagers rather than an experienced old practitioner. Here are some questions that you need to put forward: • Wether the psychologist has a license and the number of years he has been practicing? • What experience does he/she have in dealing with people having similar problems? • What are the areas of expertise of the professional? • What types of treatment that he/she use and weather it have proven effective and if so how long did it take? • What are their charges? • What is the type of insurance that they accept? • What are their therapy schedules? In most cases, a referral from a family member or friend is more reliable than searching for a psychologist. While there are a number of practitioners in the USA, there will be some who could be of serious help while being convenient to your address and budget.
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