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FindaDoc has been highly successful in the US market and is now expanding the
FindaDoc Brand overseas as FindaDoc International.

Thousands of US patients have asked for help in finding high quality, affordable healthcare outside of the US. The FindaDoc International section has been developed to help patients find the right hospital and doctor abroad.

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For International Hospitals
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FindaDoc International Hospitals

FindaDoc now offers a 'Featured Hospital' product to International Hospitals. Currently Findadoc International lists all accredited facilities outside the US. Clicking any country will bring up a list of international hospitals that currently provide good quality healthcare. Becoming millions of potential clients, worldwide. ng a ‘Featured FindaDoc International Hospital’ significantly increases the visibility of your Institution to


  • We list the institution in BOLD letters at the top with a link to your website. Pricing will be at the reasonable rate of $1000 per month or $10,000 per year


  • We offer a LINK to your website at the top of any country-wide search
  • Photographs or videos links can be included
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) profile listing, Blog Promotions, External Links, RSS feeds and lots, lots more at a very affordable price
  • For an example, choose Germany as an example

We can also list ALL doctors affiliated with your hospital on the Hospital profile page. In addition, a 'Featured Hospital' link will appear on every doctors profile page. Pricing for the Premium Featured Hospital will be negotiable.


Why advertise with us?

There are several good reasons to advertise your Hospital World-wide on the new FindaDoc
International `Featured Hospitals`

  • Medical Tourism is a rapidly expanding multi-billion dollar growth Area, currently valued at over $20 billion annually. Click here to read an article on
  • Global travel and seeking out the best health care in the world are no longer just for the ultra-rich. Value for money is important - and not just for Plastic Surgery and bariatric surgery
  • Patients in search of the best care, including 38% from Latin America, 35% from the Middle East, 16% from Europe and 7% from Canada, are heading to the United States.
  • US Insurance companies and UK NHS recognize the value of medical tourism Cost savings as high as 90% is forcing US, UK and Canadians to seek health care overseas.
  • In the Information Age - the best health care is only a click away.

To find out how you too can become a Featured Hospital, advertising world-wide to millions on FindaDoc, or for our MEDIA PRESS RELEASE, please contact us at 877-636-6404 or email Contact Us

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