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by Multiple Authorship | October 21st, 2017

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Concierge Medicine:  6-11-2017

The day after my friend sent me a link to this NY Times article: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/06/03/business/economy/high-end-medical-care.html , I met a real life concierge internist at a meeting. Full disclosure, I told him that I ran a website FindADoc.Com and that concierge physicians looking to attract patients could do worse that become Featured Docs on FindADoc. He has a patient base of 200 souls and charges $3000 a year, which I quickly translated to $600k a year. He has minimal overheads. No nurses, NP or PA. Patients have direct access to his cell phone 24/7. When I told him about this article, and the fact that the charge is up to $80,000 a patient or family, I could feel his jaw drop as he made the quick calculation!

In truth, this really is nothing new. At a well-known hospital in the Upper East Side, NY, much larger sums of money change hands, just not quite like that, or so openly. For $700m, you can build a new Pavillion with your name on it. Or for $300 million, change the name of the hospital and medical school to yours! That way, when you call up with an ingrowing toe-nail, guess how long you mind have to wait to have it fixed!!



The Obesity Epidemic

The obesity epidemic now involves all 50 States and most of the globe. Tme metabolic syndrome is the most common manifestation of this epidemic.

Diet and exercise are the best cure. We anticipate significant interaction with our users as we all try and work out the most effective ways of keeping fit and healthy.

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