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Female Sexuality

by Gerond Lake-Bakaar, MD. PhD | March 20th, 2018

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Women have long been portrayed as the weaker sex. But what evidence is there for this? Here we explore SEX from the female angle

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Orgasmic dysfunction in Women

Orgasmic dysfunction describes a failure to reach orgasm in women.


About 105 to 15% of women have never had an orgasm and almost 50% of women are dissatisfied with their frequency of orgasms.

The above link to an article from MedlinePlus provides elucidating facts on orgasms in women and is well worth your time



Follow this link to RATEMDS article on SEX and Headaches- real headaches this time!!


All About Sex Headaches and Why You Should See a Doctor If You Get Them


As a medical resident, my friend was called by his Attending's private patient 'in flagrante delecti'. Her husband had bled from a hemangioma and was lying on top of her. She was afraid to move him. 

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