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Most of us, just like you, want access to the best doctors and care providers for our families and ourselves. Generic recommendations from friends and family, when available, may not be the best solution.

The FindaDoc solution started as a simple concept: provide a fair and credible resource that is easy-to-use and that provides honest information about America's doctors, to help support you in your healthcare choices.

FindaDoc provides free access to over 1,500,000 doctors, dentists and chiropractors in the U.S.A and Canada. Finding the right doctor, in our opinion, is your gateway to the best hospitals and to the best care. FindaDoc can help you make this important choice, an informed choice. Only at FindaDoc, will you be able to utilize our proprietary rating system that was developed by doctors and patients to help guide your healthcare decisions.

Rated Doctors, Informed Choices.

About Us

We are a team of doctors and programmers who created FindaDoc to make the daunting and sometimes frustrating process of finding the best doctor as simple as possible.

FindaDoc has devised a unique proprietary rating system that helps patients choose from among the 1,500,000 practicing physicians in the U.S. and Canada. By rating Doctors based on their Training , Expertise, and Patient Opinion, we offer patients a tool that combines word of mouth recommendations with numerical ratings.

The system is unique - because no other website has it. It is transparent - because the scoring system is based on rules that are fair and openly available. It is also interactive - it allows YOU, the patient, to provide information on details about your doctor that are important to other patients - Bedside Manner, Expertise, Office Staffing, etc. - that directly, and in real time affects the doctor's rating.

FindaDoc hopes the site benefits you in improving your choice of a doctor.

What We Do for Our Users

FindaDoc gives users information that hopefully helps them find the right doctors suited to their individual needs. Our rating system helps patients to make informed choices for their medical care.

Randomly selecting a doctor out of your Health Insurance Doctor Directory will become a thing of the past. On FindaDoc, you can search by Overall Score or more specific criteria such as Patient Opinion, as well as Subcategories, such as Bedside Manner or Wait Time.

By providing a rating for Doctors based on objective facts, namely; Training and Expertise, and opinions submitted by their patients under Patient Opinion, FindaDoc gives patients a starting point for finding, evaluating, and choosing the right doctor.

We are dedicated to providing you with accurate information and ratings, as well as sharing the opinions of other FindaDoc Users. A doctor's profile is continually updated in real time via Patient Opinion and Doctor Endorsements. Doctors do not pay to be listed on FindaDoc. All doctor profiles are free. However, Doctors can opt to be listed in the 'Featured Doctor' section for a fee.
We are committed to continually improving our site. We are open to the suggestions and ideas of our Users. Please visit our Blog to post your comments.

We are committed to continually improving our site. We are open to the suggestions and ideas of our Users. Please visit our Blog to post your comments.

What We Do for Doctors

FindaDoc enables Doctors to connect with millions of patients with their free online profile.

Doctors can view how their patients rate them on Patient Opinion. Feedback on how they rate with regard to Bedside Manner or Wait Time, can help a doctor assess his or her own strengths and weaknesses and change accordingly.

FindaDoc also facilitates doctors sharing opinions of their colleagues on Peer Opinion.

We provide doctors access to their profiles, allowing them to change and correct information. At FindaDoc, we strive for fairness and accuracy.

Through our Featured Doctor section, doctors can advertise to millions of potential patients. Doctors can also connect with doctors at Doctor Center.

How Our Rating System Works

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