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Intestinal Medicine doctors specialize in the treatment of all diseases that affect the body. They are also called Internal medicine doctors or internists. This requires several years of training. After four years of medical school, the doctor is required to gain training in internal medicine for at least three years. Some doctors go on to further super-specialize in various aspects of specialized medicine.

Internal medicine doctors can be found on FindADoc.com. The majority of internal medicine doctors have offices but they are affiliated with hospitals too.

You should see an Internal medicine doctor if you have medical problems.

Internal medicine is one of the oldest specialties in medicine. It dates back to days when the heart was considered to be the seat of the soul. Now we know that the heart pumps blood in the circulation. The heart valves direct flow from the veins to the lungs and thence to the arteries.

When you look for an internal doctor on FindADoc.com, you will be able to find out hoe experienced the doctor is. Where he trained is also important as in which hospital he is affiliated with. Some doctors are more academic. They have studied the field in more depth. They have taught medical students and done research. FindADoc gives you all the information that you need to make informed choices.

Internal medicine is the hub for your medical problem. These doctors are able to determine which organ systems are involved and can refer patients to the specialties.

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