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FindADoc International is an established and trusted gateway for patients seeking treatment by top doctors in leading USA and international hospitals and clinics abroad.

Global travel or just seeking out the most cost-effective health care both in the USA and in the rest of the world are no longer just for the ultra rich.

Value for money is important - for expensive dental work, plastic surgery, bariatric surgery or joint replacement - the whole world is your market place.

Patients in search of the best health care can include the United States. These patient come from all over the world: 38% from Latin America, 35% from the Middle East, 16% from Europe and 7% from Canada.

Thousands of global travellers and would-be travellers search through our FindADoc International database each month looking for hospitals and clinics all over the world. Our Featured Hospitals are always found first.

You can register and subscribe to become a Featured Hospital for just pennies a day or CLICK here and ask for more details.

FindADoc is a great portal to locate pain clinics, healthcare centers and hospitals around the world easily! --- Preferred Pain Center.

Corona Virus Alert !!  Docs can now conduct virtual clinic visits with their existing patients using our NEW  TELEMEDICINE PLATFORM. Simple. Easy to use. FREE.

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