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When You Need A Cardiologist And How To Find The Best One?

by FindADoc | December 10th, 2022

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A majority of people now understand the fact that cardiovascular disease is a leading cause of death throughout the world. But as we are not doctors how can we determine our risks and what could be the right time to visit a cardiologist?

 Heart disease is traditionally called as a man’s disease which makes it essential to note that cardiovascular disease commonly and equally occurs in both men and women. Actually, one out of three women dies from cardiovascular disease or stroke.

 Regardless of age or gender, everyone should take it seriously because it is becoming more prevalent in people under the age of 50. Being a silent killer, it shows no symptoms until a major health issue occurs such as a stroke or heart attack. Hence, it is vital to recognize the signs, determine your risk factors, and seek precautionary instructions and preventative treatment, before it shows up its effects.

 If you’ve ever felt or will feel the following factors, make sure you visit your cardiology doctor or the reputed one in your area and get help.

  • Any kind of discomfort in the chest should be considered as risky and should be investigated by a doctor or physician to completely check for other heart-related problems too.
  •  If you are a smoker or used to smoke in past, you can assume having the risk of heart disease until you get it checked. Smoking damages the arteries lining, contributing to the plaque build-up and forms potentially dangerous blockages. Smokers should immediately find a cardiology doctor in Canada and curative support.
  •  The high blood pressure for longer than normal period of time can narrow or even damage the arteries leading to cardiac arrest.

 Increased levels of blood glucose in a diabetic’s body would not only affect the blood vessels, but all can damage the heart-controller nerves. The patients with type2 diabetes are more likely to get affected by other risk factors, for instance, obesity, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

How to find one of the best cardiology doctors in Canada?

Consult your primary doctor first. Most of all the people today have a specifically chosen doctor which we also call a family doctor. In case of any heart-related issue, you should primarily consult your doctor first as he would be referring you to one of the best cardiologists he probably knows.

You can also ask for referrals from your friends or colleagues, you would most probably be recommended a reliable cardiology doctor and you can start with your area as it is not mandatory to visit the most expensive hospital that also in another state.

Once you visit a few of them, you should check their experience and qualification. Ask them to let you see their certificates they are given by Canadian cardiovascular society or any other equivalent board of authorizers. Compare their fees and decide after considering your actual budget but one can sacrifice money where quality treatment can be achieved.

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