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Choose The Best Cosmetic dermatologist in Canada

Dermatologists specialize in the treatment of diseases that affect the skin. Cosmetic dermatology is a sub-specialty, limited to mainly skin and hair appearance.

Dermatology requires several years of training. After four years of medical school, the doctor is required to train in internal medicine for at least one years, followed by a residency in dermatology.

Cosmetic Dermatologists can be found on FindADoc.com. The majority have offices, but also are affiliated with hospitals. You should see a cosmetic dermatologydoctor if you are looking to smooth out wrinkles or require cosmetic improvement to your skin. refer you to the specialty that may be best equipped to deal with the condition.

When you look for a cosmetic dermatology doctor on FindADoc.com, you will be able to find out how experienced the doctor is. Where he trained is also important; hospitals with which he or she is affiliated can be important, also. Some doctors are more academic. They have studied the field in more depth. They have taught medical students and done research. FindADoc gives you all the information that you need to make informed choices.

Cosmetic dermatology doctors perform a number of minor surgery to the skin. The can remove unsightly moles, having first made sure that these are not cancerous. They now also frequently inject Botox under the skin to remove wrinkles.

In summary, CosmeticDermatology focuses on the improvement, enhancement and appearance of skin, hair and nails aesthetically, artistically and cosmetically. Although rarely considereda necessity, it can still resolve medical dermatological concerns.

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