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When you suffer from chronic knee pain, if can be debilitating in your daily life. If you don’t get your knee treated, you may end up having to hobble along with a cane or worse: be confined to a wheelchair. Realistically, those outcomes become a very real possibility without proper care.Your knees bear the brunt of your weight and allow you to execute those amazing moves in your sport or in your dancing. Plus, your knees make it possible for you to walk, jog, crouch, sit, run, climb and so much more. So when chronic knee pain stops you from doing even normal tasks, it’s agonizing, frustrating and humiliating.Our pain specialists were among the first in the country to offer platelet rich plasma injections for knee pain. That’s an example of using the latest techniques to ensure your health without resorting to surgery. If you experience knee pain from knee injuries or arthritis, you know that the discomfort can keep you from enjoying your life. When you visit ReBalance in NYC, you’ll meet other men who have eliminated or greatly reduced their knee pain through a unique program called ReBalance 360, a total health program for your body and mind!ReBalance has leading-edge equipment for the treatment of knee pain. Our doctors are experienced with the treatment of knee injuries. They’ve treated many cases of swollen knee, sprained knee, meniscus tear and tendonitis knee pain.


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